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Innovative Approach to Administering Scholarships and Grants

Award and Administer Grants with use and price efficiency

About GivaGrant

Cheaper. Faster. Better.

After examining the market landscape for scholarships and grants software and tools, we found them to be expensive, inflexible, and not engaging for volunteers. We’ve learned the problem wasn’t capturing applicant data, but instead the user experience for those who donate their time and treasure. Simply said, the experience can be painful and surely not fun.

While GivaGrant provides a superior user experience for your applicants and program administrators, its true strength lies in the intuitive and engaging experience for volunteers and donors.

GivaGrant is a cloud-based software platform with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model and no contracts required. It was built by a charitable foundation to solve a charity problem.



For Applicants

Provide applicants with an intuitive platform to browse available scholarships and streamline the application process. They can quickly fill in application content and easily upload required documentation.


For Reviewers

Collaborate in real-time on applicants to ensure objective and fair grading outcomes. View applicant progress.

Tenant Admins

For Tenant Admins

Create your custom scholarship programs and cycles, customize to your organization branding and view reporting by program and cycle.

Why GivaGrant

Why GivaGrant
Drive more
Engage and
retain reviewers
Facilitate more


We were facing increased costs for our existing application platform that wasn’t easy for our volunteer judges to use, and so we had to decide – pay more or explore other options. GivaGrant gave us the opportunity to try a new product and continuously collected our input for ongoing development. We were able to onboard quickly, and it felt like a true partnership.
Katie Kowalski, Vice President of Engagement at Lambda Chi Educational Foundation

GivaGrant Team

Jeff Witous

Jeff Witous, Board Director

Jeff Witous served for nine years on the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation Board, is a Board Director for the Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation at California Polytechnic, serves on the FSPAC.org Board, and is also an alumni advisor for four Lambda Chi Alpha Chapters in California. For more than two decades he has been the CEO for both public and private software companies, founded a Private Equity firm, and later a Venture Capital firm that invests in early-stage software companies. He was instrumental in the architecture and development of the GivaGrant Scholarships and Grants software platform.
Randy Prout

Randy Prout, Board Director

Randy Prout is a Board member of the Lambda Chi Alpha House Corporation at California Polytechnic and serves on the Scholarships and Grants Committee. He was an Alumni Advisor for the Lambda Chi Chapter at Chico State University and was instrumental in their re-colonization and chartering. He is currently an advisor to private software companies, and prior was the Founder and CEO of Netsoft Search, a Silicon Valley Technology Search firm. He is currently advising on the Go-To-Market strategy for GivaGrant. Randy is a graduate of California Polytechnic with a BS Mechanical Engineering, joined the Lambda Chi Colony in 1979, and was a Charter member. He served as an undergraduate officer for two years.
Patrick Howell

Patrick Howell, Board Director

Patrick Howell has more than 30 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and product designer. He holds a B.A. in Fine Arts from San Diego State University and for decades has led teams of experienced product designers and software developers. His award-winning work in “user-centered design” has received recognition as innovative across multiple platforms, from web products to interactive television and mobile apps. Patrick is the CEO of Carwiser, a cloud-based platform that deploys Artificial Intelligence to disrupt the automotive industry. He is also Founder and CEO of Digital Asylum2 (DA), a User Experience, digital marketing, and software development consulting firm.
Kevin Prout

Kevin Prout, Director of Partnerships

Kevin Prout is a graduate of California State University, Chico and as an undergraduate was a founding father of his Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter. He served as their president for two years and is an active alumni advisor. Professionally he has held strategic business development roles with enterprise software companies and with experience bringing new technology to market. Kevin joined GivaGrant as Director of Partnerships early February of 2024 and is responsible for bringing this proven platform to the entire Greek system.
Zoran Stalevski

Zoran Stalevski, CTO, VP of Engineering

Zoran “Zoki” Stalevski has a track record of more than three decades architecting, designing, and developing successful software solutions and products. He is well versed in both traditional and modern programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. Zoki is a Co-Founder and Partner with Patrick Howell at Digital Asylum and is CTO and VP of Engineering for GivaGrant. He spent the last four years converting the business requirements for the GivaGrant software into the commercial platform it is today. Along with Patrick Howell, Zoki was instrumental in implementing the innovative and intuitive User Experience for Applicants, Reviewers, and Tenant Admins.


Small Organization
$ 99 /mo
Suitable for small organizations, charities and foundations.
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  • Unlimited number of applicants & reviewers
  • Unlimited number of programs & cycles
  • Onboarding support
  • Technical support
Most Common
Large Organization
$ 199 /mo
Fitting for organizations with mid-to-large endowments.
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  • Unlimited number of applicants & reviewers
  • Unlimited number of programs & cycles
  • Onboarding support
  • Technical support
Enterprise Organization
(call for price)
Required for organizations with very large endowments.
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  • Unlimited number of applicants & reviewers
  • Unlimited number of programs & cycles
  • Onboarding support
  • Technical support

Notes: The pricing is based on the size of your organization. You can cancel your subscription at any time, without obligations. All plans are currently unlimited, however it is subject to change based on reasonable & acceptable use of our web platform.